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Elina Organics Holistic Clinical Skincare is a fresh meal for your skin. For over twenty years, Elina Organics products have been lovingly created with the finest and most pure organic ingredients. Elina formulates & manufactures each product to deliver essential nutrients deep into the live skin cells and simultaneously support the skin's protective properties and microbiome. Thousands of glowing complexions throughout the world prove the results of Elina Organics Skincare.

Elina Organics combines the latest science with traditional holistic principles to produce corrective organic skin care products and services. Licensed skin care professionals who use Elina Organics products are trained to tailor them to meet the needs of each client's unique complexion. We believe in a wide variety of other solutions and tools that allow us to create unique and personalized treatment protocols.

Owned and operated by a cosmetic chemist and formulator who manufactures all of her skincare products by hand, Elina Fedotova is also an aesthetician and herbalist who adjust her products seasonally to prevent immunity to the same ingredient combinations. This approach requires Elina to create fresh products in small batches weekly and gives her the flexibility to adjust ingredients.

The Elina Organics facial experience is energy healing, meditation, and corrective facial treatment all in one session. We believe in using energy work which helps to restore a client on a cellular level and raise their vibrations. This creates a state of vitality, renewal, recharging, and regeneration. At Elina Organics, we aim to ensure you leave feeling and looking better than you did when you arrived.

After your treatment, your esthetician will educate you on the best organic skincare products and regimen for your complexion. We share your suggested skin care plan with you, so we are on the same page in communicating and observing results.

About Us

Over the years, the results our clients see proves that a synergetic blend of natural ingredients, science and non-invasive treatments absolutely works!

– Elina Fedotova
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Skincare Expert Elina Fedotova Brings Her Practice to Pompano Beach

Experience award-winning, customized, organic, and handmade skincare with real results in Pompano Beach

Elina on Good Morning America!
Articles Written By Elina
True Color, Using low-laser light therapy in skin care practices for all complexions

Written by: Elina Fedotova Publication: DERMASCOPE Magazine, June 2022

Elina is interviewed for SHAPE Magazine about the benefits of microdermabrasion

Written by: Elina Fedotova Publication: September, 2021

Nature’s Alternative: Organic Microcrystal Infusions

Written by: Elina Fedotova Publication: DERMASCOPE Magazine, February 2022

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What our clients say!

Dear Elina,
I would like to order two jars of “Elina Anti Wrinkle Liposome Moisturizer.” I have used up my stock and feel that nothing else measures up to this cream. I have often meditated on this and on each occasion I have been assured that this is better than anything is being offered on the market here. Isn’t this wonderful? I thought you might like to know this endorsement for “Upstairs.”
Please send the two jars mentioned above and a please add a third item “the Scar Relief Lotion’ – so, all in all three items by airmail and advise by email of date of dispatch and price etc. If available could you please include a catalogue of your products so I can show it to my friends.

– Helen Horsecroft
Banora Point, Australia

I would like to share a happy-ending story, cliché but always nice as personal experience.
Since my teens I have had skin problems: they were worse or they became better but they always stayed with me, and despite all my efforts – believe me, I spent much time and money trying to improve my appearance – just from the first look at me one could always notice there was something wrong.
I tried to pretend that it was not a problem, following the philosophy “If you cannot change something, change your attitude to it.” Instead of thinking it could be worse I started thinking what I could do to make it better. My skin could have been like this forever but luckily one day I met Elina, and that meeting has changed everything! I can feel my skin breathing! Now I get so many compliments just walking along the street! I can approach a mirror without any fears, but rather with curiosity. My skin that was causing pain and aching within my body became calm, and is looking good!!! And all of that because of Elina – thank you SO MUCH!!!
Elina has a truly personal attitude towards each client. Many people come to her with something special and unique, often with a long record of previous attempts, most of them resulting in nothing, and still everybody hopes to get the same thing – look good, despite all the troubles. And Elina is fantastic in finding the solutions – seems like she could cure anything, finding a key to all the problems one could think of! That is why everybody feels happy at Elina’s clinic, that is why people are always smiling when they are anticipating or remembering their visit there, that is why the place is always filled with laughter and high spirits, and we all enjoy going there so much!
I think Elina has changed not only my look, but also my way of thinking. She is so kind, open, and empathetic. She shares her love for the world so generously, and that has influenced my vision of the universe and our role in it. Elina helped me to be me: to find myself, accept it and believe that everything is possible in this world. I am sure Elina is a real fairy – the one you read about during your childhood – helping, healing, giving you a chance and showing you a new way.

– Svetlana Tvorogova
Moscow, Russia

Dear Cara,
I just wanted to let you know that my Elite Formula arrived today. I can’t wait to get properly into my Elina regime. I am so impressed with the beautiful ingredients in this cream. It contains all the ingredients I look for in a cream; rose hips oil, sunflower liposomes, DMAE, silk amino acids, MSM, niacinamide, vitamins A, C and E and hyaluronic acid. I love the addition of semi-precious stones and the other ingredients as well. I even love the packaging and how it says it is Elina’s most magical cream. My skin looked great when I was using the sample, it is a rich formula, but I try to use less… which is difficult as I love the pampering feel of it …
Thank you so much for excellent customer care. I will be in touch soon as I am running out of the Ambra-Lift which I use all over face and neck in the evening.

– Trudie Larsen
London, UK “Dear Cara,

I noticed a significant difference with Ambra-Lift. I love the product, its fantastic! I’d highly recommend it.

– Beth
Vicksburg, MI

So, last Friday I had the most amazing facial here in Chicago and I want to share with you a little bit more of this place. It’s called Elina Organics spa and they specialize in facials. A girl named Kasandra did mine and she’s not only super knowledgeable but also so sweet and careful. They use their very own products which are made by hand every week by their owner and I brought home a few which I’ve been trying since Friday (I know it’s only been 4 days, but my skin is glowing and feels amazing!) If you are in Chicago or Kalamazoo, consider them for facials. They also have other treatments, but facials are the only ones I’ve tried. PS: you can check their website for more info and apps. The facial I got was a mix between the gemstone facial & complete corrective herbal facial.

– Ways of Style

Elina Organics products are AMAZING and actually work! I started using Elina Organics products 6 weeks ago and my skin has literally, never in my life looked so good. My skin tone is 100 times more even all around. I recently was told by two girls that I have the best skin they have ever seen, and I have never gotten that compliment in my life. It made SO happy! I highly recommend everyone to use Elina Organics products!

– Mia Bianchi
Tempe, AZ

Elina, I want you to know that I have been using your products for over 15 years and I am so proud of my skin because no one can believe my age! I am so excited to share my age, I am 69! I have not done anything else except just use your products – not even facials! My skin has not aged in 15 years, and my friends can’t believe it. I am a cancer survivor and I am so grateful for your line because it is the only line I trust. Thank you Elina!

– Candace
Kalamazoo, MI

The creativity and freedom customizing that I get to have sings to my Herbal mixology soul. I am not cookie cutter I am always outside of the box and constantly searching for a better way to serve my clients and a line that sets my soul on fire. I finally found love.

– Elisha Stone
Elina Organics Professional

…at this point, the only person I’m trusting with my skin now is Elina – Molly, Haute Tempered Blog

– Meghan
The Blonde in Pink Blog

I was 55 when I started using Elina’s treatments and products. My skin was losing its elasticity and I had deep creases around my chin. Now, at age 60, my skin looks younger. The looseness under my eyes has firmed up, the creases and wrinkles have smoothed out, and my face is more toned. I recently went to a family reunion and my relatives told me that I looked great and wanted to know what I had done. I assured them I simply use Elina’s products.

– Diane Litynski
Washington DC, USA

I love your Oil Control and Healing Formula. With your products I was able to stop using several dermatologist prescriptions, and I’ve kept my acne under control

– Anja
New York, USA

Elina has really changed my skin, it’s so much softer now and I’ve noticed a world of difference since I started using her products.

– Torrey DeVitto
Chicago Med

I’ve only been using them (Elina Organics Products) …for a few weeks now, but have seen the BIGGEST difference in my skin. I get complimented on it several times a day!

– Val Lego
Host, Healthy You, WZZM-TV

I can’t thank Elina enough for the beautiful results her products have made on my complexion. Elina is a rare gem in the skin care world.

– Terri MacLeod

What a fantastic facial and such lovely products! You are so good at what you do and always make me feel more beautiful.

– Bahar Takhtehchian
Health Editor, Shape Magazine

We LOVED spending the day with @truthorganicspa from North Grafton, MA. They are amazingly talented women! We are excited for another full day of training tomorrow and to continue watching this spa grow in the esthetic industry! 🥰🙌🏻 ...

We love our clients! Meet Beth, she has been coming to Elina Organics for over 20 years 💕💕💕 ...

Looking to refresh and rid your skin of pigmentation this fall? Elina has all the details below! 🍆​​​​​​​​
"Try this natural pigment spot eraser at home! If you have stubborn pigment spots from the summer months, take a piece of eggplant and rub the inside of it directly on the pigment/sun spots like an eraser. Doing this daily will lighten the areas, and they may eventually disappear. These magical powers are from the unique composition of antioxidants and other micronutrients of one of my favorite skincare vegetables!" - Elina Fedotova

"Essential oils have rejuvenating, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties, which are ideal for the upcoming flu season. One of my favorite essential oils is Boswelli Cartarii Frankincense from Somalia. You can steam your skin and put a couple of drops in the steamer. If you do not have a steamer, put 3-5 drops in a bowl of hot water and keep your face over the steam. It helps to heal, calm, and rejuvenate your skin and is also beneficial to clear out your nasal passages during the flu season. You can also add ten drops of frankincense with 1 oz of sunflower and almond oil on your feet and hands, which help to refresh and soften them if they are dry during the colder months." - Elina Fedotova ...

@rivers.beauty showing off a client who remained dedicated, consistent, and trusting in the process! ✨ ...

"On location must-haves and peek from the set ✨" ​​​​​​​​
- @torreydevitto​​​​​​​​
🧴: @elinaorganics​​​​​​​​
📚: @vmkupersmith

@kelsey_geers and our Cranberry Rose Skin Refiner make the CUTEST duo! ❤️🫶✨ ...

Can you spot your favorite? 🍁 ...

Become a member of the Association of Holistic Skincare Practitioners today! 🌿🌿🌿 @holisticskincarepract

This is a live demo of an oily and aging complexion protocol. Instructed by Elina Fedotova, President of the Association of Holistic Skincare Practitioners and owner and Chief Formulator for Elina Organics Holistic Skincare. Become a member today to attend monthly training workshops online and to have full access to all of our holistic skincare training videos!

Learn more and become a member at: holisticskincarepractitioners.org

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