Womens Health Magazine 11 Beauty Benefits Of Olive Oil

Elina Fedotova’s recipe for an olive oil based skin exfoliant was featured in this article in Women’s Health Magazine. Read Women’s Health Magazine blog post 11

The Fashion Spot Rice Extract

Elina Fedotova and Elina Organics Probiotic Peel were featured in this The Fashion Spot blog post on Rice Extracts May Be Just What Your Beauty Routine is Missing.

DERMASCOPE Magazine Right to Bare Arms

Elina Fedotova writes about natural treatments to smooth and tone arms in the October, 2018 DERMASCOPE Magazine. October 2018 issue of DERMASCOPE Magazine

Past Endurance Eggplants erase skin discoloration and acne scars

Elina Fedotova’s discusses how to use eggplants to erase skin discoloration and acne scars in the October 2018 issue of the Past Endurance blog.

Chicago Magazine Elina Organics is a Hidden Gem

Writer Jenny Berg talks about her experience at Elina Organics Chicago Spa in the Chicago Magazine, October 2018 – “Open in the Gold Coast for some 20 years, the spa still feels like a hidden gem.”

Happi Magazine Indie Cosmetic Brands

Elina Fedotova was featured in this article in Happi Magazine on using Indie Cosmetic Brands. Indie Cosmetic Brands Happi Magazine, December 2018

CS Magazine Best Facial for Glowing Skin

Elina Organics won BEST FACIAL FOR GLOWING SKIN by CS Magazine’s January, 2019 Issue. The Lux List CS Magazine, January 2019

DIY Winter Lotions on WGN

Elina Fedotova demonstrating how to make DIY winter hand lotion, warming body butter, and skin rejuvenating face oil on Chicago’s WGN channel 9 Midday fix

Chicago Magazine Best Skin Care Spas to Banish Dry Skin

Elina Organics is recommended as one of the Best Skin Care Spas to Banish Dry Skin in the January 2019 issue of Chicago Magazine! Best Skin Care Spas to Banish Dry Skin Chicago Magazine, January 2019

Spring Clean Your Skin with Golden Crocuses and Morel Mushrooms

Elina Fedotova on Fox32 in Chicago. Elina talks about how to Spring clean your skin with Golden Crocuses and Morel Mushrooms

DERMASCOPE Magazine Birch Juice

Elina Fedotova writes about Birch Juice in the “Off The Wall Ingredients” section of the Feb, 2019 DERMASCOPE Magazine. February 2019 issue of DERMASCOPE Magazine

DERMASCOPE Magazine Natural Ways to Detox the Scalp

Read Elina Fedotova’s article Gone Today, Hair Tomorrow: Natural Ways to Detox the Scalp from the May, 2019 issue of DERMASCOPE Magazine.

Vitruvi The Wellness Guide to Chicago

Elina Organics is featured as an organic, holistic solution to all of your skincare needs in the Windy City! The Wellness Guide to Chicago Vitruvi, August 2019

Elina on The JAM Chicago Mushrooms

Elina Fedotova on THE JAM Chicago talking more about the fungi kingdom! Mushrooms are delicious and help us to stay healthy with numerous medicinal nutrients

DERMASCOPE Magazine Restoring Collagen:

Holistic Firming and Tightening Strategies for the Face by Elina Fedotova. When analyzing a client’s skin on a facial table, they may appear to have a practically perfect complexion with a smooth texture and minimal discolorations.

WGN Midday Fix: DIY All-Natural Spa

Treatments Using Ingredients from Your Kitchen.At the end of the summer, most of us feel like our pores are congested from the hot weather and pollutants and our skin is begging for purification!

Justina’s Gems A Few New Green Beauty Faves

Elina Organics CBD Wrinkle Filling Serum is featured! A Few New Green Beauty Faves Justina’s Gems, August 2019Elina Organics CBD Wrinkle Filling Serum is featured! A Few New Green Beauty Faves Justina’s Gems, August 2019

Shape Magazine: What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is basically an amped-up skin sloughing: The treatment is a form of very thorough exfoliation that physically removes some of the outermost cells on the surface of your skin,

The Zoe Report: Diamond

Infused Skincare Products Could Be A Fix For Dull & Uneven Skin, Derms Say Whenever I receive a press release for diamond-infused skincare products — which is surprisingly often

FOX 17: DIY Winter beauty treatments with Elina Organics

Winter is here which means our skin is likely dry. But as it turns out, there are some easy ways to keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh.

Happi Magazine: Skin Restoring Bacteria

For hundreds of years, people used yogurt and kombucha and other fermented foods to beautify their skin. Today, we know that friendly microbes called probiotics benefit the skin in many ways.

Doused in Pink: Elina Organics Spa Chicago

Not only do facials improve your skin’s tone and texture, but they also counteract the damaging effects of everyday environmental toxins like pollution.

8 Skincare Tips for Fall & Winter from Esthetician Elina Fedotova

Celebrity esthetician Elina Fedotova, the founder of Elina Organics, offers her top 8 tips for properly caring for your skin this Fall & Winter, sharing everything from how to naturally seal in moisture with waxes

Shape Magazine: How to Get Rid of Milia

Whether you realize it or not, you probably have a few milia somewhere on your skin. These tiny, hard bumps can often be mistaken for a pimple, but make no mistake about it

HuffPost: Are Beauty DNA Tests Accurate?

Here’s What Dermatologists Say. “All cells in our body contain nuclear DNA (with the exemption of red blood cells and several layers of surface dead skin cells),” Fedtova wrote to HuffPost.

FOX 32: Natural Skincare Tips for Chicago Winters

Elina Fedotova on FOX 32 Good Day Chicago. She demonstrated simple DIY recipes to hydrate your skin in the winter.

DaySpa January 2020

Elina Organics CBD Ageless Wrinkle Filling Serum was featured in DaySpa Magazine’s January 2020 Issue highlighting the latest CBD beauty products.

Bustle: The 5 Best Essential Oils for Pimples

When you’re choosing an essential oil to fight a blemish, you’ll need to think about what kind of pimple you’re trying to treat. A picked or scabbed pimple could benefit an oil with calming properties

Skin Inc. Magazine January 2020

“Any skin type can benefit from cannabidiol (CBD). CBD can heal and calm inflamed and acne/rosceca prone skin. It’s also a powerful antioxidant and definitely has rejuvenating and skin restoring properties

Can “Ingesting” Crystals Benefit Your Health?

Celebrity aesthetician Elina Fedotova explains that bio-imprinting is a technique to properly do so. According to Fedotova, “Dr. Yuri Kron invented a standardized technological process on how to capture an energetic pattern from [one substance] and transfer it to [another].”

25 Expert-Backed Tricks for Glowing Skin in the Dead of Winter

Emollients—moisturizers that smooth and soften the skin—are your winter skin’s biggest ally. “Your skincare products should be more emollient in the winter and lighter in the summer in order to compensate for the effects of seasonal weather changes

Sweet Jane Magazine

If you’re looking to kick the fine lines and wrinkles to the curb or tone down redness caused by rosacea, a variety of new CBD skin care products are here to help achieve a compliment-worthy complexion.

DaySpa March 2020

Elina Organics All Natural Mascara was featured as Winner of “Best Eye Makeup” for the DAYSPA Professional Choice Awards 2020 (pages 62, 64)! Also featured in this issue: Super Antioxidant Night Cream (page 16) and Probiotic Polishing Mask (page 20).

Skin Inc. March 2020

Elina Organics Mermaid Face Lift Treatment is featured in the March Issue of Skin Inc!

Dermascope: 2020 Products & Education Guide

Know Your Ingredients: Educating clients, understanding best practices, and knowing what to avoid by Elina Fedotova, licensed aesthetician

Coronavirus Skin Care Tips: Stress Acne, At-Home Facials and More

“Being a spa owner, I am going through all of the hardships of being temporarily closed for operations. It is difficult, but I truly believe it was the right decision and I support it.

Skin Deep Magazine March 2020

Sahara Souffle is featured in the latest issue of the Associated Skin Care Professionals’ ASCP Skin Deep magazine.

Sophisticated Living March 2020

Elina Organics has three products featured in the March 2020 Issue of Sophisticated Living. Feature includes Anti-Wrinkle Liposome Moisturizer, Sun Shelter Tinted Moisturizer, and Intensive Eye Revitalizing Cream.

NBC: 11 Ways to Help Small Businesses Affected by Coronavirus Right Now

“Businesses of all sizes have been hit hard in this challenging new age of social distancing and self-isolation, but the blow has been catastrophic for small operations that rely on in-person transactions.”

Forbes: Mother’s Day Gift Guides

“For this Gemstone Kit, the collection combines the healing properties of nature and energy from precious gems.”

Dermascope: April 2020 Best in the Biz

Elina Fedotova is very grateful to her clients for inspiring her during their facials to formulate corrective and clean products based on holistic principles. Fedotova believes that being both an aesthetician and cosmetic chemist is her secret for success.

Celebrate Women Today

Do You Know What Types of Peptides In Skin Care Products Are The Best? Choosing the right skin care products with different actives, it is important to know about such. Learn how many types of peptides in skin care do the work

Chicago Parent: 3 DIY Beauty Tricks While Stuck At Home

With beauty trends including everything from snail slime to bird poop, it is difficult to tell which are hype and which really help.

Know Your Ingredients

Elina Fedotova recently wrote an article for Dermascope Magazine titled, “Magic Mushrooms: How to Include Mushrooms in Your Practice.”

Ultimately helped Professional to look good

How has this skin care brand helped professionals be the best in the industry, and why should others make the line their ultimate go-to?

WWMT Newschannel 3 Interview: Elina Fedotova, Elina Organics

Elina Fedotova is a cosmetic chemist who started her all-natural skin care business, Elina Organics, in Kalamazoo.

Elina Fedotova featured on WWMT Newschannel 3 “Special Report: Fighting Fat”

Newschannel 3’s Marcie Kobriger took a closer look at treatments that promise to melt the fat away.

Gemstones for the Skin on Good Day Chicago

Elina Fedotova shows Chicago how to incorporate gemstones into our routine to brighten the skin.

FOX17 Interview: Conquer the Cold with Essential Oils

Elina Fedotova from Elina Organics shows FOX17 how we can conquer the cold by making essential oils.

Elina Fedotova Talks about the Organic Secrets to Healthy Skin on GMA Live!

Elina Talks about the Organic Secrets to Healthy Skin on “Good Morning America Live!” Elina joined hosts Ginger Zee and Gio Benitez. New York City – April 9, 2014

Make your Skin Glow with Gemstones and Precious Metals

Elina Fedotova of Elina Organics discusses how to make your skin glow this Valentine’s Day with gemstones and precious metals.

DAYSPA Magazine features Elina Organics

Elina Organics, headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, plucks core ingredients from organic suppliers that span the globe:

NWI Times Men’s skin doesn’t have to be rough and rugged

Elina Fedotova featured in the Get Healthy publication of the NWI Times.  Click for more information about Elina Organic’s for men.

Winter Skin Rejuvenation and the 7th Annual Holistic Skin Care Conference on WWMT Newschannel 3

Elina Fedotova from Elina Organics shows how you can prep your skin before the freezing weather hits, and how produce grown here in Michigan can help rejuvenate it.

DERMASCOPE Magazine Naturally Anti-aging

Article written by Elina Fedotova “As skin care professionals, we are familiar with the signs of aging skin: loss of elasticity, discolorations, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Clinical Study of the Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Aging Effects of Ambra-Lift

Study performed by Genemarkers LLC, –  “Ambra-Lift of the Elina Organic Skin Care Collection Activates Genes that Promote Anti-Aging and Anti-Wrinkle Effects in Skin Cells” Read the Ambra-Lift Study

DERMASCOPE Magazine Herbal Skin Mist

Article featuring Herbal Skin Mist by Elina Fedotova in DERMASCOPE Magazine. April 2014 issue of  DERMASCOPE Magazine

Super-berry For Your Health & Beauty–Elina Organics on FOX 32 Chicago

Elina talks about different ways to use Aronia Berries in your every day life. Fox32 in Chicago – January 8, 2015

Organic tips for spring cleaning your skin Fox 17

Elina shares tips for a healthy skin and you using Artichokes and Papayas. Fox 17 West Michigan – April 17, 2015

Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Magazine Aronia Berry Skin Care Cuisine

Article written by Elina Fedotova in Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Magazine on the benefits of Aronia Berry.

Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Magazine Cha Cha Chia

Article written by Elina Fedotova in Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Magazine on the many uses and benefits of Chia seeds.

DERMASCOPE Magazine 10 Things About Sun Damage

Article featuring Herbal Skin Mist by Elina Fedotova in DERMASCOPE Magazine.   August 2015 issue of  DERMASCOPE Magazine

Winter Skin Care–Elina Fedotova on Take 5 & Company WZZM13

Elina shows viewers how to restore their dry skin with all natural ingredients they can purchase at grocery or health food stores. Take 5 & Company on WZZM13 – January 16, 201

Get great skin from the grocery aisle with Elina Fedotova on FOX 32 Chicago

Elina Fedotova show how to find everything you need for glowing skin in your grocery aisle on Chicago morning news. Fox32 in Chicago – Sept 28, 2015

Natural Awakenings Magazine Natural Facial Essentials

Article Featuring Elina’s Fruit Smoothy Mask in Natural Awakenings Magazine Read article: Natural Facial Essentials featuring Elina’s Fruit Smoothy Mask

Summer skincare tips with Elina Fedotova on FOX 32 Chicago

Elina Fedotova discusses summer skincare and skin protection on Chicago morning news. Fox32 in Chicago – June 22, 2015

DAYSPA Magazine Easy Lifting

Elina Contributed to an article in the November, 2015 DAYSPA Magazine Read article: Easy Lifting describing the latest and greatest in noninvasive

Winter Time Skin Care on Fox17

Elina Fedotova of Elina Organics visited Fox 17 on Dec 4, 2015 to discuss winter time skin care.

Natural Awakenings Magazine Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Article on Cruelty-free Cosmetics in Natural Awakenings Magazine  featuring Elina Organics Cosmetics Read article: Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Improve your Complexion with Potatoes on Good Day Chicago

Elina Fedotova of Elina Organics visited Good Day Chicago on Fox 32 to discuss How to Improve your Complexion with Potatoes.

Valentine’s Day Skin Care

Elina Fedotova of Elina Organics visited Good Day Chicago on Fox 32 to discuss natural skin care to make you look your best on Valentine’s Day.

Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Magazine Spirulina in the Spa

Article written by Elina Fedotova in Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Magazine on spirulina; what it is, its nutrients and how it can be used in spa treatments.

Beauty Treasures From the Ocean

Even if you can not visit the ocean during the summer, you can still achieve a mermaid glow by using Elina’s favorite beauty treasures from the ocean!  Elina Fedotova

Organic Spa Magazine features Elina

Elina Fedotova is featured in the September 2016 edition of Organic Spa Magazine discussing natural ways to sooth inflamed and irritated skin. September, 2016 issue of Organic Spa Magazine

Let Elina Organics Chicago Spa pamper you and make you ready for your Big Day!

For over a decade we have served you and your families. We would like to be a part of the Very Special Events of your life

DERMASCOPE Magazine Eye Treatment Protocol

Elina Fedotova writes about natural, restorative eye treatment protocols in the July, 2017 DERMASCOPE Magazine.   July 2017 issue of DERMASCOPE Magazine

DERMASCOPE Magazine Tea Tree Oil

Article by Elina Fedotova in the October, 2016 DERMASCOPE Magazine. October 2016 issue of DERMASCOPE Magazine

Organic Spa Magazine Elina talks about Peptides

Elina Fedotova is featured in the Organic Spa Magazine 2017 Skin Care Guide.  She gives us the scoop on Peptides. Organic Spa Magazine.

Spring Skin Care with Elina Fedotova

Elina Fedotova on Good Day Chicago, Fox32. Elina gives us a lesson on spring skin care and how to get that warm weather glow. It is the perfect way to give your skin a fresh spring start.

Get Rid of Sun Damage using Fruits and Vegetables

Elina Fedotova on Fox32 in Chicago. Elina talks about how to get rid of sun damage and  hyper-pigmentation using fruits and vegetable that you can find in your own kitchen.

Winterize your skin with Elina Fedotova

Elina Fedotova shares recipes for a winter skin scrubs to exfoliate your skin on Fox17 on Jan 26, 2017

Spring Skin Care with Elina Fedotova

Elina Fedotova on Good Day Chicago, Fox32. Elina gives us a lesson on spring skin care and how to get that warm weather glow

Rosacea Awareness Month

Elina Fedotova talks about remedies for inflamed skin on FOX 32 Chicago on April 21st 2018.

Winter Skin Care Do’s and Don’ts

Elina Fedotova speaks on Fox News Chicago about skin care do’s and don’ts during the dry winter months.

DERMASCOPE Magazine The Power of Probiotics

Elina Fedotova writes about using probiotics in April, 2018 DERMASCOPE Magazine.   April, 2018 issue of DERMASCOPE Magazine

DERMASCOPE Magazine Elina Fedotova featured in the Recognizing Excellence section

Elina Fedotova on being named a 2018 A-Lister! She was featured in the Recognizing Excellence section of the August issue of DERMASCOPE Magazine!   Aug, 2018 issue of DERMASCOPE Magazine

DERMASCOPE Magazine Skin clearing benefits of Fulvic Acid

Elina Fedotova writes about the skin clearing benefits of Fulvic Acid in the July, 2018 DERMASCOPE Magazine.   July, 2018 issue of ERMASCOPE Magazine

Natural Awakenings Magazine The Power of Probiotics for the Skin

Read Elina Fedotova’s article about The Power of Probiotics for the Skin published in the June 2018 issue of Natural Awakenings San Diego.

Lucky Vitamin Small Batch Beauty

Elina Fedotova was featured in the Lucky Vitamin blog on Small Batch Beauty. Read the Lucky Vitamin blog post Small Batch Beauty.

Shape Magazine Fungi is Good for the Face

Elina Fedotova was featured throughout this article in Shape Magazine on the benefits of mushrooms as a skin care ingredient. Mushrooms Are the New “It” Skin-Care Ingredient Shape Magazine August 2018

Find out how to “winterize” your hands with Elina on FOX 17!
NBC5′s Ginger Zee to Vital Juice Chicago Valentine’s Day Mask

Article featuring Elina Fedotova It polishes, nourishes and moisturizes skin in seven minutes. Forget roses. Valentine’s Day should be all about decadent chocolate. And this year, we’re not just eating the sweet stuff.

Find out how to “winterize” your hands with Elina on FOX 17!
WZZM 13 – Facials by Elina Organics
Forget the Pie, Use Pumpkin on Your Face!
Holiday Neck Facial – FOX 17
WGN Midday Fix with Elina Fedotova
CLTV Chicago Television

Healthy Living Skin Care Tips with Elina Organics

DERMASCOPE Magazine Elina Organics Company Profile

Article featuring Elina Fedotova “In 1998 Elina Fedotova opened her first clinic and launched her skin care line. As both an aesthetician and cosmetic chemist, she continues to hand make her fresh skin care products from start to finish from organic botanicals and other natural ingredients.

Kalamazoo Gazette Thanksgiving leftovers as skin-care products?

Interview with Elina Fedotova “Good for you. Mashed potatoes? For the skin, that’s a great source of potassium. A local chemist and skin management expert has figured out a way to use Thanksgiving dinner leftovers to spruce up your face.

DERMASCOPE Minerals foundations | minerals – Selenium

Article written by Elina Fedotova Selenium was discovered in 1817 and named after the ancient moon goddess, Selene, because of its silvery color. This trace mineral is vital to human health and offers a host of benefits for healthy skin.

DERMASCOPE Magazine How To Bring Men To Your Professional Table…

Article written by Elina Fedotova “Men need skin care services just as much as women. Think about the problems caused by shaving and excessive sun exposure from long hours on the golf course.

Encore Magazine Opposites Attract

Interview with Elina Fedotova “Think of it as a bridge between two worlds when several hundred skin-care practitioners and aes- theticians from around the U.S. converge on Kalamazoo Oct. 21 and 22

DAY SPA Magazine Shore Thing

Featured product(s) Elina Organics Omega “O” Serum – promotes collagen regeneration; it also helps firm, calm, restore and rejuvenate all skin types. This effective formulation includes wild cod collagen and wild salmon oil.

mlive Media GroupElina Organics is Growing & Best in Chicago

Article featuring Elina Fedotova “KALAMAZOO, MI – Elina Fedotova will more than double the size of her skin care clinic in Kalamazoo when she relocates in September from 219 S. Westnedge Ave. to 4205 S. Westnedge Ave.

Brighten Your Skin for the Summer – FOX 17
FOX 17 – Food for your face with Elina Organics
Elina’s Valentine’s Day segment on FOX Chicago’s “Good Day Chicago”!

Find out how delicious Valentine’s Day treats can make you look great too!

FOX Chicago – Dessert to help your skin!
Elina on Chicago’s NBC5 with Ginger Zee!
Elina’s Valentine’s Day Segment on FOX 17!
FOX 17 – Taking Care of Your Skin Post Summer

Do you think your summer glow is starting to fade? If you’re noticing any uneven skin tone or freckles, then fall is the perfect time to get serious about skin care.

American Spa Elina Fedotova ‘Crushed Amber Facial’

article written by Elina Fedotova “Ideal for sun-damaged skin, the Crushed Amber Rejuvenating Facial ($75, 60 minutes) at Elina Organics

WZZM’s Made In Michigan featuring Elina Organics in KALAMAZOO, Mich.

In our Made in Michigan series we introduce you to an organic skin care line… “made here in west Michigan. It’s called Elina Organics and it’s made with chemical free ingredients.

American Spa Elina Fedotova ‘Crushed Amber Facial’

Article written by Elina Fedotova “Before coming to the U.S. from Russia in 1991, Elina Fedotova transformed her acne prone skin into a glowing example of the power of natural healing.

Skin Inc. Magazine The 21st Century Gemstone Facial

article written by Elina Fedotova “For thousands of years gemstones have been used to promote health and beauty throughout the world, and they continue to be a hot trend in skin care.

Modern Salon Best Place to Learn Holistic Skin Care!

article featuring Elina Fedotova “If your focus is on whole body wellness and holistic skin care there was no place better to be than the 2nd annual Beauty is More than Skin Deep conference, held in October by the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners.

Chicago Social (CS) Magazine Nature Lover

interview with Elina Fedotova  “Organic food is so 2011 — now it’s skincare’s turn. One local aesthetician seeks to take holistic beauty mainstream.

Good Morning America Ginger Zee Talks Windy City Weather

Article featuring Elina Fedotova “Ok, let’s start with what’s really important – How on earth do you manage to look so good during our miserable Chicago winters? I use Elina Organics for my natural skin care needs.

DERMASCOPE Magazine Can You Eat Your Lotion?

Article written by Elina Fedotova “I deeply believe that organic skin care products can deliver dramatic and long lasting results. What we put on our faces should be as safe and pure as the food we eat.

DAYSPA Magazine 5 Questions with Elina Fedotova

interview with Elina Fedotova “1. From where do you draw inspiration when developing new products? Many ideas come from meditation. For example,one of my newest products, Ambra-Lift, contains Baltic Amber, which has been used for centuries as an anti-aging ‘Vessel of Eternal Youth.’

American Spa Magazine features Elina Organics Gemstone Collection

“Another company harnessing the positive attributes of jewels is Elina Organics, whose Gemstone Collection features diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire infusions blended with herbs, mushrooms, and other organic ingredients.

Chicago Magazine Best Facial of Chicago

Article featuring Elina Fedotova “Elina Fedotova, who developed a line of organic skin care products, has ardent fans who swear by her spa’s noninvasive techniques.

Natural solutions for sunspots

Kalamazoo (WZZM) – If you enjoyed sunning yourself on the shores of Lake Michigan this summer, you are about to pay the price for that sun-kissed skin, if you haven’t already.

NBC5 Chicago – Smoothies for Skin!

Elina Fedotova, Chicago Magazine’s Best Facial Award winner, shows you how to take what’s in your kitchen to improve your looks.

Fox 32 Chicago

Reverse sun damage with DIY tips from Cosmetic chemist Elina Fedotova.Sun spots after your tan fades don’t have to be permanent! Cosmetic chemist Elina Fedotova from Elina Organics shared some do-it-yourself sun damage repair tips to refresh your summer skin.

DERMASCOPE Magazine Elina Distinguished™ for Men

featured product(s) “Distinguished, a new four piece organic skin care collection for men includes: Refresh: An essential cleanser, Shave: To reduce razor burns and nicks, Face: To help heal and nourish the skin, and Eyes: To help reduce dark circles and wrinkles.

Encore Igor and Elina

article featuring Elina Fedotova “Igor Fedotovo softly but with extreme passion about the lost music he has discovered, much as the movie hero Indiana Jones would— if he were sporting a viola instead of a bullwhip.

Les Nouvelles Elina’s ‘From Russia with Love

Skin treatments using Baltic amber Historically, russian esthetic traditions have been rooted in holistic principles based on the interconnection between the skin and other organs of the body.

DERMASCOPE Magazine Holistic Skin Care Solutions

article written by Elina “The understanding and use of holistic skin care principles and their wisdom can benefit every aesthetic practice.

Spa Magazine Features Elina Organics in Chicago!

Article featuring Elina Fedotova “Just a few blocks from the Magnificent Mile, Elina Organics offers affordable spa services inside a 1,300-square-foot vintage building overlooking the city’s upscale Oak Street.

Natural Awakenings Safe and Effective Skin Care

article written be Elina Fedotova “Television infomercials about natural skin care products that claim to make the face dewy, youthful, acne-free, wrinkle-free and radiant, titillate the imaginations of women and young girls who long to look like the spokesperson that promotes them.

Elina Gemstone Skin Care Elixirs

Inspired by ancient and holistic traditions. Featured product(s) For thousands of years, gemstones have been used for health and beauty around the world.

DERMASCOPE Magazine Elina Fedotova’s ‘Why Organic?’

Article written by Elina Fedotova “The advantages of introducing an organic product line into your skin care practice are quite clear.

Vital Juice awarded Elina Organics ‘Best Facial in Chicago’

“BEST FACIAL: ELINA ORGANICS [] Cosmetic chemist, herbalist and esthetician Elina Fedetova and her staff make custom products during each facial for instant, noticeable results.

DERMASCOPE Magazine Featured Products

featured product(s) Elina Organics’ Ambra-Lift is a skin moisturizing and firming treatment that instantly helps lift, tone and smooth the skin.

DAY SPA Magazine It’s Enzyme Time!

Featured product(s) “Elina Organics – Fruit Peel is a highly effective blend of organic fruit extracts and enzymes, which are naturally rich in skin- enhancing alpha hydroxy acids and antioxidants.


Elina’s Remedies for Vitiligo

Treating Rosacea

ABC7 Chicago

Get Warm Weather Acne Prevention Tips

from Elina on FOX 17!

Home Remedies for Rosacea

Elina Fedotova is a cosmetic chemist, herbalist and esthetician who uses the intelligence of nature to restore the skin with fresh, handmade formulations.

WZZM 13’s “Take Five”

Sun Protection and Sunburn Relief Tips

WZZM13 Winter Skin Prep & 5th Annual AHSCP upcoming Conference

Elina talked about what to do to improve the appearance of your hands with different hand treatments to do at home to reduce sun damage, and be sure your hands will be protected from the cold weather


Food for your skin!


Facials by Elina Organics


Company Overview of Elina Organics


Facials by Elina Organics

WZZM 13’s “Take Five”

Choosing Face Creams

WZZM 13’s “Take Five”

Choosing Face Creams

WZZM 13’s “Take Five”

Weeds for Health and Beauty!

WZZM 13’s “Take Five”

Weeds for Health and Beauty!

WZZM 13’s “Healthy You”

Elina talks about Natural Skin Care

WZZM 13’s “Take Five”

Handmade Sun Damage & Sunburn Treatments

WZZM 13’s “Get Fit!”

DIY Natural Facials

WZZM 13’s “Take Five”

Weeds for Health and Beauty!

WZZM 13’s “Take Five”

Skin Care Treatments for the New Year

WZZM 13’s “Take Five”

Gemstone Skin Rejuvenation

DIY Natural Perfume on WZZM

TV’s Healthy You!