I can feel my skin breathing!

I would like to share a happy-ending story, cliché but always nice as personal experience.
Since my teens I have had skin problems: they were worse or they became better but they always stayed with me, and despite all my efforts – believe me, I spent much time and money trying to improve my appearance – just from the first look at me one could always notice there was something wrong.
I tried to pretend that it was not a problem, following the philosophy “If you cannot change something, change your attitude to it.” Instead of thinking it could be worse I started thinking what I could do to make it better. My skin could have been like this forever but luckily one day I met Elina, and that meeting has changed everything! I can feel my skin breathing! Now I get so many compliments just walking along the street! I can approach a mirror without any fears, but rather with curiosity. My skin that was causing pain and aching within my body became calm, and is looking good!!! And all of that because of Elina – thank you SO MUCH!!!
Elina has a truly personal attitude towards each client. Many people come to her with something special and unique, often with a long record of previous attempts, most of them resulting in nothing, and still everybody hopes to get the same thing – look good, despite all the troubles. And Elina is fantastic in finding the solutions – seems like she could cure anything, finding a key to all the problems one could think of! That is why everybody feels happy at Elina’s clinic, that is why people are always smiling when they are anticipating or remembering their visit there, that is why the place is always filled with laughter and high spirits, and we all enjoy going there so much!
I think Elina has changed not only my look, but also my way of thinking. She is so kind, open, and empathetic. She shares her love for the world so generously, and that has influenced my vision of the universe and our role in it. Elina helped me to be me: to find myself, accept it and believe that everything is possible in this world. I am sure Elina is a real fairy – the one you read about during your childhood – helping, healing, giving you a chance and showing you a new way.